Her Son Walked in and Saw Her Doing THIS in the Kitchen…UNBELIEVABLE!

When Mama C cooks dinner, it’s hard to keep your eyes off her. She turns a daily routine into an entertainment for the whole family, and her family had made it a mood-booster for all of us. As soon as Mama C hears her jam on the radio, she hits the floor and brings the whole house down. This woman has more moves than I got stored for my “dance like no one’s watching” moments. I wish for all of us to be as lively and fun as Mama C when we hit that age. She found a great way to keep her body and soul young. Please, enjoy this wonderful video and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE it with your friends.

I love seeing older people being so cool, probably, because my own grandma is afraid to even touch a computer or a cellphone, and I would love her to be up-to-date, so we could at least talk and see each other. Moving to the music has miraculous power. It is a great exercise, that boosts cardiovascular health and bone strength, improves balance and flexibility, lifts up the mood and has healing and preventative powers. The studies that investigated the effect leisure activities had on the risk of dementia in the elderly had shown that frequent dancing was the only physical activity lowering the risk of dementia. Dancing involves significant mental effort and social interactions which help reduce the risk in older people. The researches also show that dance helps people with Parkinson’s. With time, patients with this disease often become more mobile, and more confident if they take dance therapy. The dance therapy movement was born in the 1940s, when Marian Chace first introduced dance to psychiatric patients at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. Her class “Dance for Communication” was helping World War II vets that were psychologically traumatized.



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