Snow Puppies :)

Can this video get any more cute? I do not think so! What else can you ask for after seeing all those cute little balls of fur playing blissfully in the snow? This video demonstrates the unwavering innocents that these adorable little puppies have. The video was created by the owner of these puppies mom. The mother golden receiver’s name is Honey. The reason this video was made was to get the word out that Honey’s beautiful little puppies were looking for a safe and wonderful home.

The video was a success the puppies were sold or given to wonderful homes and are growing and thriving. If you get the chance head over to their blog posts to see grown up pictures of all the puppies in this video. Unfortunately, the mama, Honey, can no longer breed so there will not be any more videos of any more sweet little puppies from these owners. But the people from whom this video originated from are hoping that the owners of these now grown dogs will someday breed and carry on the blood line.
This video I am most defiantly sure has affected people in very different ways. Take for instances someone whom is having a bad day. If they were to have watched this video, I am almost certain that is made their day so much better. Or say a person who has been depressed and has not smiled in a while. This will defiantly bring a bright and genuine smile to any ones face. It is amazing how something as a video of curious beautiful little puppies could cause such a big and profound effect of people. Natural truly can be such a beautiful thing. Take joy in all things. Even the smallest of things. You never know how it will affect your mood.

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