Porcupine talks while he eats!!

Meet teddy bear the talking porcupine! According to the people over at Zooniversity Teddy Bear is a very greedy little guy. This is not his first video either. He first made his debut when being greedy with a piece of corn. In this video he munches down on a small pumpkin enjoying every bit. With every bite the little guy expresses how much he enjoys the pumpkin.

Did you know that despite their hard quills, the quill pigs hair is actually really soft. The National Geographic says there is about 24 different species of porcupine. Teddy bear is a North American porcupine. North American porcupines are the biggest of all species. They are the only species that live in the U.S and Canada. Porcupines are mammals and are also herbivores. They live five to seven years and are usually 25 to 36 inches in length . They also have 30,000 quills ranging in size and length from their head to their tail. The only other rodent bigger in North America is the beaver.
Despite all their quills, Teddy makes it hard not to want to cuddle with him. Making cute sounds and eating a pumpkin shows porcupines in a whole new light. How could you not love the cute little guy.

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