Playful Species!

This video is absolutely adorable. It’s a small rescued baby horse playing with a dog. They are obviously having tons of fun playing tug of war and chasing each other around. We often think that certain animals will not get along because they have been known to fight. The thing it is all on how we train our pets and the message we send out on how we treat other animals.

What we so seldom practice is love for all creatures. If we do not practice it how do we expect our animals to, or even our children? We have to start with us. We have to lead by example. If we do not, then things will only get worst. The world we know now will no longer exist. In this video the pure joy that both these adorable animals are experiencing is apparent. They both leap and run enjoying each other’s time and company. How much more simple and adorable can you get? What starts off as a simple game of tug of war ends up being a chase around. I cannot express how absolutely adorable this video is. I hope to see any more videos of this baby horse in the future. I hope it grows and continues to get along with the dog. I also hope this video inspires you to look beyond what we are used to. To look beyond what we consider normal. Take a step back and realize that everything could be something else if we only gave it a chance to. If we only stopped thinking with half our brains and light up a whole new world to a new and happier life. Only time a patience can help us change this world into a better place for our children.

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