Something Amazing Happens When This Mother Dances With Her Son At His Wedding :)

First off, I want to congratulate Blake Bunker & Laurel for their successful wedding. I also want to congratulate Blake and his mother Kathy for their very successful dance performance. I was absolutely speechless after watching their dance performance.
It also helps that, Kathy also runs a dance studio and choreographed the entire event. Never doubt a mother’s love for their children, this video absolutely proves that there is no limit on how far a mother will go to make sure that their son is very happy. Their performance took place in Las Vegas Nevada! Little did they know that their dance performance would actually go viral later on down the line. The Queen Latifah show wants The Bunkers to appear live.

But the Bunkers are holding off because they want to appear live for the first time on, “The Ellen DeGeneres show.” The reason that Kathy wants to hold back on her first appearance, is because when she received the call about her mother passing away. Not too long after, she received a call from the producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Saying that they received her footage, she made a speech agreement saying that’s the first show that she will do live. I send my condolences to the family about their tragedy. The amazing video started to go viral again, it was also mentioned on multiple radio stations. The video on YouTube now has 750,000 views. Hopefully soon, “The Bunker’s family” will make their live appearance on national TV. This is actually one of the best mother and son dances. I have ever seen in my life. Their delivery was so overwhelming. The crowd was just as shocked as we were. The only ones in on the stunt, was the Bunkers and the Bride. Now that’s very family orientated!


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