Love Is Blind!

Could this video get any cuter? I mean it starts off with a cat, named Arthur, and dolphins named Thunder and Shiloh, trying to figure each other out. As the video progresses they start loving on each other like they have known each other for years. This video was taken at an animal park in Florida. And obviously the people taking this video thought this was as cute as I did. Thankfully they got their camera out and started recording the adorable interaction. It’s amazing to see such opposite sides of the spectrum interacting with each other.

Cats are known for their love of fish, and are also known for not bonding to people or other animals unless they develop a sense of trust. It is amazing that this little cat decided to get so close to the water and bond with these playful mammals. It is said that cats choose whom they wish to live with. Dolphins are very playful animals so it is no surprise that these fun loving animals would not give this curious little kitty some love and affection. Did you know that dolphins are mammals? That’s right! They are also carnivores. This means that they eat mainly fish and squid.
This truly is an adorable and touching video. It was adorable how much Arthur wanted for his new dolphin friends to give him kisses and to pay attention to him. There aren’t many acts of genuine kindness and love anymore. To enjoy the little moments like this is truly what living life is all about. If only more people would take understanding of this video and learn from it. If nature and animals can get it right then why can’t we? Hopefully after watching this video you will understand that it doesn’t matter your race or species you should always enjoy your surroundings.

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