Frozen in Time!!!

Have you ever been to the city and seen the people painted from head to toe in metallic paint and are standing as still as they can? Did you know apparently this is a sport not just a way of entertaining? Yes! In this video this man is posing for people on Market Street, Manchester, England. Apparently every year there is a World Championship held in Arnhem, Holland for anyone interested in posing as a living statue. The latest Championship had about Three hundred competitors and over three hundred thousand visitors.

Living statues have been around since the early renaissance. But the art did not gain significant popularity until 1945 in France. All over the world in almost every city there is at least one person in there performing as a living statue.
I can honestly say I was impressed by the talent of this man in the video. He was also very polite by trying to turn to everyone and poses for a picture. These people are truly remarkable. Most people could not even bear to stand still for five minutes and these people do this for hours on end. Take for instance Staticman. He is a famous living statue performer. He once broke the record for the longest time standing still. Staticman stood in place for a total of fifteen hours straight. He went on to break a total of four other records but they were never recorded. To think that someone could stand in one place in one position for that amount of time without using the bath room, drinking, eating, or scratching for that matter is a miracle. This way of entertainment is amazing and I imagine very difficult. Only choice few can concur this talent. I personally want to thank these people for continually entertaining us.

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