Something unexpected happens when this girl drops a coin in this man’s hat !!!

This video starts off with a single guy playing the double bass as a little girl watches.Then the little girl drops the coin in this man’s hat as a donation ,but she gets the best surprise ever!!!. This is really the best coin ever spent.
The reaction of the viewers as they watch the surprise is beautiful.I hope that everyone watch this video and share it to his/her friends to let them enjoy by this awesome video.

This video was put together by a Spanish bank for their 130th anniversary. The bank’s name is Banco Sabadell. The flash mob included 100 people from Valles Syphony Orchestra, The Lieder, Amics de l’Opera and Coral Belles Arts choirs.
People watch in amazement at the skill and size of the orchestra. To think it all started with a guy with a Cello and a little girl mesmerized by the music. I was truly touched that the people in this video were lifted by the beautiful music that was played for them. Imagine the effect this would have on a person who was just told bad news or that was having an overall bad day. Just putting a smile on someone’s face can change their whole attitude. It could even change their whole outlook on life itself.
To think that all this was possible because one man was curious. It’s amazing to think that one act can change so much in people. So if you get the chance to change someone’s day around take it! Be in a Flash Mob!
We all love a good flash mob! Did you know that it started out as an experiment? Yes! It was originally called the MOB experiment, and it was conducted by Bill Wasik in 2003. To think that because he wanted to see how the community would react we have evolved it into proposals, pranks and shows of talent. I mean think about it, wouldn’t it be amazing to see one in person, or to even be a part of make someone smile? I know I would.

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