From a whale rescue to the most heartwarming ending in one video.

During the vacation on the Sea of Cortez, a family finds a nearly-dead humpback whale trapped in the fishing net. It is exhausted and very scared. That’s how the vacation turned into a great rescue mission. Michael Fishbach and his family got the greatest chance to save a life of a whale with their own hands. Michael has been actively involved in conservation efforts, scientific research, education, and eco-tourism related to blue whales for 20 years. He will never forget this experience. These guys spent hours cutting the net and the fishing gear off the whale’s tail. They definitely became heroes in my book. In return for their hard work and wonderful rescue, the men got to see the most amazing sight. Enjoy this beautiful video and become a witness of its astonishing happy ending. Please, don’t forget to hit the “SHARE” button.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of how much pure joy and inner satisfaction it could bring to set a creature free. To witness how much gratitude a rescued animal shows is priceless. Every year, thousands of marine mammals drown in abandoned fishing gear and are killed by plastic debris. The world’s great whales face more serious threats today than at any time in the last 100 years from ship collisions, habitat destruction, chemical contamination, impacts on sonar communication, challenges to navigation, and increased hunting. If these magnificent animals are going to survive, they will need people to speak and work on their behalf. Michael Fishbach is a co-Director of The Great Whale Conservancy, which focuses on implementation of the public outreach and education efforts. Michael is also currently working on blue whale habitat protection issues in the Sea of Cortez off Baja California. Let’s help him succeed with his mission and spread the word.


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