A Drawing Literally Brought to Life!

In this video the artist Marcello Barenghi brings to life a very delicious looking bag of potato chips. It’s amazing how he shows the detail he goes in to by creating this beautiful and scrumptious bag of chips. This is not the only piece of art this very talented man has done. He has created a variety of yummy looking snacks along with beautiful ornaments and even went into great detail making coins. Though his end product is always a beautiful drawing he displays them in different and unique ways. One you have seen is the fast moving videos. He also displays them in photography and malty shot photographs.

Though this art form may seem new to your eyes the very first “Optical Art” was displayed in late 1964 in Time Magazine. After its debut, in a piece called The Responsive Eye, it was used in a number of commercials and ads. Now no longer limited to blocks and swirls to show movement, artists have evolved into what we can see now making a 2d drawing come to life in a 3d view. Just like this talented artist there are many more who have taken to the streets drawing new worlds into pavement as to appear you would fall into it, or that something is coming out.
Most importantly these works of art, namely Marcello’s, are make us want to strive to be better artist. To want things come to life not just show us a 2d world. A world of changes I for one love where this art is taking us. What is next? What can we expect from future artist? As the imagination grows so do the possibilities. Only time will tell us where we go from here and I for one can not wait!!

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