A man sit very closely to a baby seal ,but what happened next will melt your heart <3

This man truly nails it! Remarkable is not the word to even come close to how these seals reacted to him. We all know that nature can be a very scary and unknown place, as we can tell with this video there is a side to nature that makes it so unbelievably beautiful. In this video you clearly tell the level of joy in it. Not only from the man having the unbelievable experience, but the seals as well.
This video starts with a journalist sitting very closely with a whale seal admiring the very little distance between them. It continues with the seal noticing the man sitting there and it proceeds to get even closer to the journalist. It does not take long for the journalist to realize what’s happening and starts to enjoy the remarkable experience.

The seal then proceeds to get on top of the journalist to cuddle with him. The man enjoying every moment of this experience lays down to allow the adorable sea creature to cuddle atop of him. Just as we think the video can not get any more adorable and remarkable another smaller seal comes running from a little distance down the beach. He too proceeds to cuddle with the journalist. It is truly remarkable to see such love from wild creatures. These seals did not even hesitate for a moment. Just as the seals did not hesitate to cuddle with the simple on looker, the journalist also did not hesitate to take the time to enjoy something so rare and beautiful. Bask in the joy which is simply life. Enjoy the little things. Take time to have experiences that normal people do not take the chance to enjoy. We can only hope that something as pure as this crosses our path. Until then slow down and experience this beautiful thing called life.

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