Unlikely friendship between a rescued deer and a cat ♥

Meet Hoppy the deer. This deer has obviously been raised by some amazing people. He was found hurt and abandoned by a couple, Amanda and Tony. They did what most people would not have done. They decided to nurse this little guy back to health and treat him like apart of the family. That is exactly what he has become apart of the family. In this video he is seen kissing and licking another one of the couples pet. In which they believe that hoppy thinks that the cat is his baby.
The entire video is Hoppy bathing the obviously blissful cat. The cat does not seem to mind at all. Actually there are points in the video where Hoppy briefly stops bathing the cat, and the cat actually looks at him like, “Why did you stop?” .This adorable deer truly touches my heart. When most people would have just ignored the little fawn, this couple went over and beyond to insure its survival.

All to often there are people who respond to situations like this by say that it is not their business. This is not true people! We control what happens in our world ,so if we do not insert ourselves into the world and help it change ,it never will. Our world needs help ,because Our children are growing up in this world and we need to make it a better place for them to grow up in. I hope you enjoyed the adorable little video as much as I did.

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