Ah! It’s a Cat!

Dogs scared of Cats? When did that happen? These dogs are obviously terrified to pass these cats. Hilarious as it is some of these dogs are warranted to be scared. Some of these cats are in pouncing mode. As cute as cats can be, and we all know they are adorable and do very funny things, they can also be kind of scary. I mean honestly who wants to get smacked by a cat or scratched for that matter. I do not think anyone would want that.

I have to admit, these dogs take it a little out of proportion. I mean some of these dogs are huge. This includes breeds ranging from Pomeranian to German Shepard, even including boxers. It is hard to believe that these massive dogs would be terrified of a little cat. But never the less they will not pass. Later on in the video some of the dogs braved the impeding wrath of the vicious cats and passed them, those dogs were rewarded with a polite slap from the cat in which the dog was scared of passing in the first place. The other dogs were not going to be talked in to it. They stood their ground and did not move until either the cat was removed or left its post. It was almost as if there was a glass wall put in front of them and there was no way to get to the other side. I can honestly say I have never seen something that was so pathetic and hilarious at the same time. It almost makes you wonder what that cat could have possibly done to scare the poor dog so much that it would not even pass in front of it. Only the cat and the dog know.

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