Waiting is the hardest. After you have turned in that application its waiting, waiting to see if your whole life is going to change. Waiting to see if you were good enough, if you studied hard enough, if you are one of the students that that particular college is looking for. Yes, I am talking about college applications. That long hard wait you endure. Just to see if everything you have worked for has finally paid off. And for 20 year old Rion Holcombe his waiting has finally come to an end. As he opens that envelope and hears those words, the words we all dream about, CONGRAGULATIONS, You see the sense of accomplishment, happiness, relief wash over his face.

See Rion didn’t think he would go to college. He did not think he would get the chance. Most kinds don’t with Down syndrome. But he showed everyone that just because he has Down syndrome does not mean he cannot have a college experience. It does not mean he can’t have a chance. Now without a doubt he is Clemson Tiger and is experiencing what we all have a chance to experience.

He was accepted in to the program called LIFE at Clemson University. This program was designed for students who desire a secondary education with intellectual disabilities. The program is located on campus so the students get the full experience of being a college student. The expression on Rion’s face when his father read him the acceptance letter was priceless. He was completely over joyed. He could not believe that they had said yes. Now he is able to join his class mates in college and get to further his future. How could anyone ask for more? I hope this touches your heart the way it did mine.

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